Hot Springs

Large outside hot spring
“Saginoyu” with its healing benefits

Hot water which springs out in our premises used to contain considerable amount of sulfur until the beginning of Taisho Era. People started calling this hot spring “Saginoyu”, because such water created beautiful white-colored designs inside tubs, which looked like feathers of white birds.

Natural water from the hot spring flows at all times

Since around the time of the earthquake in Taisho Era, the white-colored quality of the hot spring with sulfur has changed, and unfortunately, the beautiful design of white egret feathers cannot be seen today. However, the water is colored lightly brown currently, and is said to have some benefits toward neuralgia, rheumatism, and liver ailment. The 100% of natural water from hot spring flows into tubs at all times.

To Guest Rooms with Outside Hot Springs

Women’s large hot springs
Women’s large hot springs
Men’s large hot springs
Men’s large hot springs
Our hot springs were originally located within the willow tree-lined premises toward Lake Suwa, where egrets used to gather together to heal from their exhausting travels. The name “Yan-nami” from willow trees remained in this area, allowing us to hand down the poetic stories to the following generations.

*Men and women take turns in these hot springs at night and in a morning, to enjoy different atmospheres.
*Turns changed at 12:30am.

Footbath within the premises

Elegant relaxation space and gardens were created around the natural hot springs. Please relax at this footbath, as you enjoy the four seasons.